Update regarding the Rajgrod memorial…..

Foundation for the Preservation of Jewish Heritage in Poland - FODŻ's photo.
Foundation for the Preservation of Jewish Heritage in Poland – FODŻ

UPDATE on the graffiti vandalism this week to the memorial monument in Rajgród. We are pleased to report that the police acted quickly to identify and apprehend the 16-year old boy responsible and that the municipality promptly removed the offensive graffiti. When the memorial was damaged and repaired last summer, anti-graffiti paint was used to re-paint the memorial. We believe this decision helped to minimize the damage from this most recent event and to facilitate the graffiti’s removal. A meeting has been scheduled between our Foundation and the Rajgród Mayor’s office, the Forest Authority that oversees the site where the memorial is located, and the police to discuss a long term solution to better protect the memorial. The recent vandalism by a Polish minor underscores FODŻ’s firm belief that education is the best remedy to prejudice and demonstrates the continuing importance of our “To Bring Memory Back” educational program in the Polish schools. 

The memorial monument was made in Israel and brought to Poland thanks to Jewish descendants of Rajgród in cooperation with our Foundation. The ceremony of re-dedication took place on September 18, 2014.

Facebook page for “Przywróćmy Pamięć- “Bring Memory Back”:

An article (in Polish) on this update:

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