If you would like to join me on March 30 in Lake Forest, Il. , please contact me at for the information.  

I am so excited to be presenting my memoir to the residents of  Deerfield, Illinois. This north suburban suburb is where I raised all three of my children & part of my story occurs in this town.

I was so honored to be the keynote speaker for the Chicago ORT Technical Institute’s graduating class on October 28, 2015. Congratulations to the 100 graduates!

This May  2015, I planned to take my children to visit Rajgrod, their grandfather’s village and see the newly erected monument  at the edge of town by the abandoned Jewish cemetery. I am so saddened to report  this tragedy. So disheartening….. I have arranged a meeting with the town mayor and officials. I will share my memoir with the citizens of Rajgrod...

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Samuel Gruber’s Jewish Art & Monuments News, articles and information about Jewish art, architecture, and historic sites. This blog includes material to be posted on the website of the International Survey of Jewish Monuments ( . THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 18, 2014 Article by Samuel Gruber: I am a cultural heritage consultant involved in a wide variety of documentation, research, preservation, planning,...

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Painting by Linda Rubin Shayman. Inspired by an excerpt from my memoir “DESCENDANTS OF RAJGROD,” Linda Rubin Shayman, a local artist from Deerfield, IL. painted a picture of my father, Arie Kaplan, as he appeared in his early 20’s. After he witnessed his mother and sisters pulled from their home and murdered by the mob, he fled into the forests...

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      November 2015   FILM DIRECTOR review Hi Karen, We met (briefly) in Evanston when I showed my film  in November. I finally got around to reading your book and I must admit, I wasn’t looking forward to it (I’ve read a LOT of Holocaust era memoirs), but I found it completely compelling and engaging. Your ...more

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