JTalks: CONJOINED: A Holocaust Haunting…One Man, Two Hearts, and Me with Author Karen Kaplan

An honor to be selected for this years written screenplay based on my book CONJOINED: One Man, Two Hearts, and Me!  

Chicago native Karen Kaplan continues to write about her life altering experiences that lead people into new ways of thinking about life, death, and healing. Reviews: “CONJOINED is a thrilling and entertaining adventure- a movie that ‘s just waiting to be made.”  -Steve Zacharias Emmy Award Winner, Screen writer and Filmmaker “Conjoined is an epic and unusual Holocaust story where...

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As the lights shine down on my menorah, an angel appears!

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    March 15, 2016    Rev. David J. Wood Senior Minister at the Glencoe Union Church   Karen is an outstanding speaker.  She communicates her story clearly and with great compassion.  She doesn’t just talk about forgiveness—she shows us what it means in real life. Her story reminds us of why forgiveness is not just an ideal ...more

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