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How a north suburban woman’s emotional trauma led her to forgiveness… :

Please join me at the Northbrook Library as I share stories from my memoir. Celebrate & mingle with local authors. Saturday, August 13, 2016 – 10:00am to 2:00pm

How a north suburban woman’s emotional trauma led her to forgiveness

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My friend Tomek Wisniewski, town historian of Bialystok and remarkable filmmaker has shared a small piece of his interview with Krystyna, a sweet, old woman from Rajgrod, who I met in 2011 & 2015. I share some of her incredible stories of my family and the Jews of Rajgrod in my memoir. She mentions Kaczorka, my grandmother, who owned a...

read more Friday, Jul 08th Holocaust Survivor’s Daughter Seeks to Inspire Forgiveness WEDNESDAY, 06 JULY 2016 23:49  BY HELENE KAMIONER Descendants of Rajgrod: Learning to Forgive (Credit: Growing up as the daughter of a Holocaust survivor is extremely difficult. Reflecting on her childhood, Karen Kaplan tried to make some sense of her past. What she discovered in her life’s journey...

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Above and Beyond CORNELIA STREET CAFÉ July 11 2016 at 6 p.m. The author and public speaker Karen Kaplan lectured on health, wellness, and spirituality for years in Chicago. But her personal life harbored traumas: her father, a Holocaust survivor who had escaped Poland by fleeing into the forest, lived with a bitter depression that damaged his relationship with his family,...

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    …..I was moved by your experiences and your message… I too am a child of survivors and a teacher at the Horace Mann School in Riverdale, NY.     – Sandy R. 7-12-16

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